To be known as the leading NGO to promote and propagate the ideas and visions of Late Mr. D L Shah, Founder D L Shah Trust for Applied Sciences , Technology , Arts and Philosophy by introducing systems, methods, mechanisms and practices to better the over- all Quality of life in INDIA.

Objectives in brief :-
  • To promote research and other activities related to the preservation, protection and improvement of the ecology and environment.
  • To promote the development & use of environment friendly industry process and water management techniques.
  • To promote and foster the movement of Quality consciousness & Quality awareness as regards products & services provided in India.
  • To promote research & development as to safety measures and practices followed in industrial concerns.
  • To work towards the introduction of systems, methods, mechanisms and practices to the betterment of the over-all Quality of life in India.
  • To make Quality of dealings & business ethics to inspire confidence and faith among all public.
  • To make “Made in India” label synonymous with “Quality of Excellence”.


  • To earmark a special amount for donation on an annual basis, to an identified, accredited and acclaimed fundamental research body/s and institution/s.
  • To sponsor Faculty Chair every year, to a selected institution, by rotation, towards promotion applied research efforts with special emphasis on science and technology.
  • To award prizes / scholarships to meritorious students / scholars in specified manner from among the above mentioned institutions.
  • To organize annual Seminars / conferences / workshops / on a chosen subject (with in the ambit of the principal objects) with a view to encouraging promotion of innovative ideas in science, technology and total quality management, environment management, safety management & reliability engineering.
  • To provide for distribution of books and other education materials on scientific education, technology, scientific research and research in art & philosophy, free or at concessional rates.
  • To subscribe, contribute, and / or donate to any public funds or institutions or Public Charitable Trusts for promotion of the Public Charitable objects authorized by the Trust.