Some Institutions / NGOs the DL Shah Trust has contributed Donations over the years:

    • Sadhana Village , Pune : An NGO inspired by Camphill Village Capake, USA, and working in the field of accommodation & rehabilitation of mentally challenged adults , as well as development of surrounding rural community & integration of mentally challenged persons with the rural community. Sadhana Village built a new building with the donation from Japanese Consulate . and the DL Shah Trust donated for the Capital Goods in this building , as well as for renovation of their Meeting Hall.
    • Indian Council For Mental Health ( Hyg’ene) , Mumbai – An NGO dedicated to supporting & empowering the developmentally challenged individuals , and providing a holistic range of services to them. DL Shah Trust has given them a donation for sustenance & growth of their activity.
    • Helen Keller Institute for The Deaf & Deafblind, Mumbai – An NGO working for the welfare of deaf-mutes etc. DL Shah Trust has given a donation to them for sustenance & growth of their activity.
    • People’s Forum , Bhubaneshwar – An NGO operating in Orissa. Recently, through a Donation to them , DL Shah Trust has extended a helping hand to the flood-affected people in Orissa.
    • Co-ordination Committee of GTCCL, University of Bombay, in 2006.
    • NCQM – Sponsorship donation for “INCOMAS”.
    • Donation to Flood Relief for People’s Forum, Orissa Project.
    • Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD), Himachal Pradesh.
    • Donation to Indian Cancer Society.
    • Development Education Empowerment of the Disadvantaged in Society (DEEDS). Khar, Mumbai.
    • Sant Nirankari Mandal. New Delhi.
    • Shah Bhikhamchand Gambhirmal Chhajed Education Society (SBGC), Phansa, Gujarat.
    • Savitri Devi Minda Charitable Trust, Delhi.
    • The Ramakrishna Mission – D L Shah Trust has donated generously to The Ramakrishna Mission’ s Relief Services.
    • University of Mumbai : Gurudev Tagore Chair of Comparative Literature :
      DL Shah Trust has sponsored the Seminar held by the Mumbai University, on “Jnanapeetha Awardees & Their Works ” .
    • CMTI-PMT Trust, Bangalore: DL Shah Trust has been sponsoring an Award for promoting R & D and encouraging design talent in the field of machine tools . This Award has been given in every IMTEX.
  • Apart from the above, the Trust has extended help in the form of Travel Grants for research, etc.

D.L. Shah Trust’s Activities relating to the field of Environment –

    • Environment is a field of keen interest to the DL Shah Trust. The Trust has initiated various activities relating to this field.
    • DL Shah Trust has produced an educational TV serial on environment , for children , in Hindi, titled “Hamari Zameen Hamara Aasman” (HZHA) and it is has been telecast on Doordarshan’s channel ‘DD Bharti’.
  • DL Shah Trust has sponsored and published a book of verses on Pollution & the Endangered Environment, titled ‘The Earth In Custody’. This has been the Trust’s attempt to spread, through a different medium, the message of the Need for Environment-protection.

Some of the other activities of the Trust :

    • The Trust sponsors two fortnightly Newsletters on Quality, named ‘Quality Info’ and on Safety, named “Safety Info”. Its soft copies are available by email and online shortly through our website.
    • The Trust proposes to start/sponsor 2 more newsletters, one in the field of Environment, and the other in the field of Health & Safety.
  • The Trust is planning to shortly publish further book(s). These will be on topics related to environment, quality etc.