D.L. Shah Trust’s ongoing Major Projects –

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay – D L Shah Trust has sponsored a Chair Professorship in the IIT Centre, in the field of Innovation.

Prof. Ravi Poovaiah
Professor Ravi Poovaiah is senior faculty member at the Industrial Design Centre (IDC), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay.

His research interests are in areas related to Visual Language, Information Visualisation, Visual Narratives, Interaction Devices, Collaborative Learning Environments  and Designing for Children.

He is involved with building open source digital resources related to ‘Design Learning’, ‘Folk Tales’, ‘Designing for Children’, ‘Design of Way-finding Systems’ and ‘Design in India’ with access to networked information.

He has been co-ordinating along with NID and IIT Guwahati, a Ministry of Human Resources sponsored project named ‘e-kalpa’ to build an open source digital learning environment for design in India.

He is also coordinating a research project on experimenting with Social Media called ‘The Centre of Social Media Innovations for Communities (COSMIC), a collaborative initiative between IIT Bombay and the Universities from Singapore – NUS and NTU. COSMIC aims to empower communities, through social media innovations that improve the way they live, work and play.

Professor Poovaiah has worked on projects with major industry leaders such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Google India, Motorola India, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Bharat Electronics Limited, Siemens India, among others.

Contact information:

Ravi Poovaiah
Industrial Design Centre (IDC),
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT B),
Powai. Mumbai 400076

Email: ravi@iitb.ac.in
Phone : 091-22-2576 7820

Webspace : http://www.idc.iitb.ac.in/ravi

Be a part of:

Typography Day 2015

Cumulus Mumbai Winter Event


The world of design in India

Digital resources on design in India

Cosmic Project

InDeAs – India Design Association

Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay

Quality Council of India- An autonomous NGO set up by the Govt. of India and the Indian Industry (represented by ASSOCHAM, FICCI & CII). The DL Shah Trust’s support is for the ‘QCI-DL Shah Quality Award’, which is awarded every year.

National Centre for Quality Management – A reputed NGO working in the field of quality. Mr. DL Shah was one of the founders of NCQM. The DL Shah Trust has supported activities of NCQM, including sponsoring some conference/seminar/convention(s).
On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of NCQM, D L Shah Trust has sponsored an Annual Lecture Series related to Quality, called ‘D.L. Shah Memorial Lecture’. The lectures are now an Annual feature in the NCQM program of activities.

• DL Shah Trust has initiated a major activity in the field of Education of Environment and its Management for teachers. This will eventually benefit children & young persons. This program is under way in close association with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

CMC Academy – An initiative of CMC Ltd. A TATA Enterprise – The D L Shah Trust started of by sponsoring 5 students, of economically weak sections of society, for a Professional Career Course: Infrastructure Management Track- IT Specialist. The Trust currently is sponsoring 15 students for Professional Career Courses: i) Software Development ii) Computer Hardware & Networking Technology.

To carry forward the major objectives of the trust, in the year 2013, D L Shah Trust has decided to collaborate with Quality Council of India to establish the D L Shah Center for Quality Research, in New Delhi.
Major Activities planned by the Research Center –
* Promotion of Standards & Quality
* Conduct quality related studies / surveys in manufacturing and service sectors including education and health care.
* Undertake research and development of a Business model of Quality Management, which covers all business processes to improve their performance for achieving higher efficiency.
* The Research Center will specially focus on SMEs and Service organisations particularly in Social Sector such as Education and Health Care to ensure that these organisations provide good services at modest cost.
And many such Activities in a phases.


(Set up under the joint auspices of the Govt. of India and Indian Shipping Industry in 1969.  The course is duly recognized vide Office Memorandum No. 18-65/75-T/T,12 dated 5th May, 1983 of Department of Education, Ministry of Education & Culture, Government of India, New Delhi)

The Minister of Shipping and the Secretary to the Ministry of Shipping, GOI are the ex-officio President & Vice President of this Institute.  The Management & control of the Institute is vested in a Governing Council consisting of the representative of Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, National Shipping Board, The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., The Indian National Shipowners Association, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, other bodies related to Shipping and Logistics, prominent shipping personalities and elected representatives of present/past students.

(Set up under the joint auspices of the Govt. of India and Indian Shipping Industry in 1969.  The course is duly recognized vide Office Memorandum No. 18-65/75-T/T,12 dated 5th May, 1983 of Department of Education, Ministry of Education & Culture, Government of India, New Delhi)


Classes or Distance Education

  • Post Graduate Diploma In Shipping Management (PGDSM)
  • Associateship
  • Fellowship

The D L Shah Trust is currently Sponsoring students of economically weak sections for the courses mentioned, at NMIS.