D L Shah Trust –  Publications

D.L. Shah Trust is a Charitable Trust, started by Late Shri D. L. Shah, who was a reputed Industrialist & Philanthropist.

Our Trust has been undertaking several activities, one amongst which has been publication of various Books, which spread knowledge, towards making India a world-class industrial nation. These books have been written/edited by persons of repute and professionals from India & abroad; while some have been reprints of publications of world – known organizations, like UNCTAD.

We have been distributing our books Free of Charge to interested organizations, institutions and also to individuals.

Over the past decade, we have published & distributed several such books, as a matter of public service, mainly for the benefit and larger interest of the public.

We are pleased to inform you, that we presently have in our stock some of our publication, which we intend to offer free of charge.

We are sure, that you would find them very interesting and relevantly useful.

It would be pertinent to mention, that in this era of globalization, our publications would be useful as Reference Books, especially to students of Engineering and of Management. We would be glad, if our books are put to effective use by students, who are the future of India.

Please contact us for your requirements at dlshahtrust@yahoo.co.in or 022 22672041 and we will gladly inform you our current stocks and send them to you Free of Charge.

1. The story of my childhood & boyhood – P.N. Haksar

2. A Basket of fallen leaves – P.N. Haksar

3. Continuous Quality Improvement : (Indian Experiences) :
Case Studies using Juran on Quality Improvement Methodology
– Compiled & Edited by : Suresh Lulla
– [ Note : This is First of 2 Books . This book is Part – I .]

4. Total Quality management :
Selected papers by Dr. J M Juran – Vol. I
– Compiled by : Suresh Lulla.

5. Quality from many perspectives – Part II
– Navin S. Dedhnia, USA.

6. Total Quality Control at Enterprise Level – A Requisite for Successful Export Trade     of Developing Countries.
– Internationals Trade Centre UNCTAD / GATT (ITC), Geneva.

7. The Earth In Custody – Verses of lament and comment – Subhash S Naik